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Implementation of such a huge project is almost a pioneer challenge, taking into account the current reality of the state's involvement and experience in supporting community initiatives in the field of care and equal opportunities for disabled people.

To tackle the enormous task we need to divide its implementation into several stages. Some of them will be executed simultaneously or in a multifaceted manner. The pace of implementation of each stage depends largely on the amount of assistance and aid secured as well as on the involvement of the good-will people.

Stage One- Preparation to act:
- construction and start-up of the basic version of the Foundation website, including the legal advice service
- the gathering of the information and knowledge on financing available from sources other than donations, and on good practices and experience in starting and running similar centres in Poland and abroad
- drawing of the construction plan and budget for the construction and equipping of the Foundation Care Home and Rehabilitation Centre
- selection of the Contractor

Stage Two - Actual construction of the facilities necessary for the Foundation's statutory activity, i.e. of the Foundation Care Home and the Rehabilitation Centre together with the day care and occupational therapy facilities:
- collection of necessary funds or -where applicable- also construction materials and equipment
- construction and equipping of the Foundation Care Home and accompanying facilities
- staff recruitment
- qualifying and receiving the first group of residents and patients
- propagation of information about help available from the Foundation
During Stage One the Foundation, once it has met the statutory requirements, will apply for the status of a public benefit organisation. Here you can find more about requirements connected with obtaining this status. here

Stage Three-integration activities and information and legal advice service extension
- starting a centre for after school activities for local school children and youth
- website extension by adding the data bank and a community forum

Stage Four-full utilisation of the Foundation capacity
- development of the facilities for hippo therapy and hydrotherapy



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